About the author

david_malcolm_bennettDavid Malcolm Bennett is an evangelical theologian, who has the gift of doing thorough and painstaking research and presenting the results in a readable form. He has previously written The Altar Call: Its Origins and Present Usage, his M.Th thesis (awarded with merit), which examines the practice of inviting people forward after a presentation of the Gospel. That volume must be seen as major background for his Sinner’s Prayer book. The Altar Call: Its Origins and Present Usage is the definitive book on the subject and is frequently quoted.

He has also written The Origins of Left Behind Eschatology, his PhD dissertation, which examined the origins of the ideas behind the Left Behind books. He has also served as a layman in three different denominations in two different countries and witnessed and been involved in evangelistic crusades at national and local church level, so he has seen evangelism practised, and practised it himself. While he is not an evangelist, God has not given him that gift, the Lord has still used him to win some men and women into His kingdom. All these points considered, he is qualified to write this book.

(The Sinner’s Prayer is published by Even Before Publishing.)

All three of the above books can be purchased from such outlets as amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com

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